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Children of CIA and Secret Service Operatives
The Dead are Dancing, a novel by William Lloyd Roller
Children of CIA and Secret Service Operatives

For many years, I have collected the first person accounts of the adult children of CIA, FBI and other secret service operatives. These narratives encompass memories of childhood experiences with a parent, usually the father, who was a spy or otherwise involved in espionage or counter-espionage missions for the United States. In many ways, these individuals shared similar experiences as my fictional character, Billy Richcreek in The Dead Are Dancing. Like Billy, they listened to their fathers' stories, lived their fathers' memories, and dreamed their fathers' nightmares. Remarkably, these people often dream the events of their fathers' lives, an uncanny phenomenon that is difficult to explain.

I invite individuals to send me in confidence their memories and recollections of living with a parent who was thus employed. Some of these narratives, with the signed permission of their authors, may be included in a book to be published entitled, The Children of Atreus: How the Sons and Daughters of CIA, FBI, and Other Espionage and Secret Service Operatives Are Cursed by the Actions of Their Parents. Please contact me with any questions about how I will include these narratives in a book that gives testimony to the sacrifices made and how I will protect the identities of those authors requesting confidentiality.

William Lloyd Roller
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